Further Acknowledgements

The Archive gratefully acknowledges the support of the following , and wishes to record its thanks to them :

The Wesley and Margaret Phoa Foundation without whose generous and continuing support the Archive would not exist.

The S.H.I.R.D. Trust for Research and Development, Goteborg, Sweden and in particular its Director, Dr Georg WIKMAN.  Further details can be found in the introduction to the Section of the Catalogue devoted to the video recordings of the Annual Askloster Symposium.

To the British Society for the Philosophy of Science, for a generous grant to support the creation of this website and to provide seedcorn funding to cover the costs of digitalisation and uploading  of an initial selection of 1000 of the recordings drawn from a representative selection of subject areas which the Archive covers.   This grant will be used in part to create a section within the catalogue devoted to recordings of BSPS Events.

To the British Society for the History of Science, for a grant under their Special Projects Fund.

To the Ideals of Proof Program and its associated Chair D’Excellence and to the University of Paris Diderot Paris 7  for their offer of partial reimbursement for expenses incurred in the making of recordings of events in their 2008 – 2011 Program.  These will be placed together in a dedicated section of the catalogue, in addition to appearing within the  general annual chronology of the recordings.

Greatbear Analogue and Digital Media for their support and expertise in the restoration and transfer of our archive audio tape and video tape based material.

Further acknowledgements will follow.

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