January 2017


JANUARY 3 – 6 2017 Oxford Math Institute *

New Horizons in Twistor Theory

JAN 3 – FEB 9 2017 Course by Prof Alain CONNES at College de France Paris

La Geometrie et La Quantique ** Course of 13 Lectures

Final Course given by Prof Connes before his retirement from the Chair of Mathematics at CdF

5 JAN 2017 Laboratoire SPHERE Univ Paris 7 Denis Diderot **

Workshop on Leibniz’s Conception of Dynamics
Dynamica de Potentia : Mathematical and Metaphysical Aspects


The Seminaire Mathematique et Philosophie of the ENS Paris. 2017 Session. 14 Seminars **

Week 1 : 9 JAN 2017 : Prof Pierre CARTIER

Does the Feynman Path Integral exorcise Quantum Indeterminism ? A Comparison of the Viewpoints of Feynman and Boltzmann

(other Weeks of the 2017 Seminar are not individually listed here, but all have been recorded)
9 – 12 JAN 2017 MCMP Munich
Workshop on Model Theory **

10 – 12 JAN 2017 Kings College LONDON

Modern Developments in General Relativity and their Historical Roots
A 3 Day Conference *
10 JAN 2017
Paris Laboratoire SPHERE Univ Paris 7

History and Philosophy of Physics Seminar

Joss UFFINK on Schroedinger on Entanglement and EPR prior to 1935**
11 JAN 2017 University of Bristol
Workshop on Causal Horizons in GR
with participation of William Unruh, Karim Thebault and Others **
14 JAN 2017 Paris ENS Salle Dusanne


Physics Without Time ?

(The Jean Cavailles Memorial Lecture 2017) **
14 JAN 2017 Paris IHP
Seminaire BOURBAKI 2017
4 Talks
17 JAN 2017

University of Leeds Botany House
1 Day Workshop on Models, Explanation and Realism in Quantum Theory *

Speakers included Alisa Bokulich Dennis Dieks Soazig Lebihan Michaela Massimi (not recorded) and Juha Saatsi
18 JAN 2017 Oxford Math Institute

Roger Penrose gives
1st Roger Penrose Lecture
Title :

“Stephen Hawking on Black Holes”

Recorded by Math Institute
18 JAN 2017 Paris BnF

First of 2017 Series “Un Texte, Un Mathematicien”

Jean Paul Laumond on Poincare : “La Geometrie Agir par La Mouvement : Poincare as the Grandfather of Robotics”

This and other Talks in the 2017 Series recorded by BnF
and in Archive
20 – 21 JAN 2017 Lingmoor, Yorkshire

2 Days of Private Discussion and Exposition
led by Prof Adrian Mathias *

On Recent Developments in Set Theory bearing on the Continuum Hypothesis and proposed axioms for Large Cardinals

followed by

25 – 27 JAN 2017 Leeds Mathematics Department
British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference**

followed by 3 month course at Leeds by Prof Mathias in 2 parts,
the first (January – March) surveying recent developments in Set Theory, the second (March – April) presenting Prof. Mathias’s own work in Provident Set Theory
All recorded in Video **
24 JAN 2017 Paris Laboratoire SPHERE Univ Paris 7
History and Philosophy of Physics Seminar

Martin NISS (Roskilde)
A Mathematician Doing Physics : Marc KAC and the Theory of Phase transitions 1955 – 1970 **



Seminaire Itinerant des Categories
One day Workshop with 8 Talks, all but one in English.

Includes a talk by Laurent Lafforgue (Fields Medalist)
30 JAN – 3 FEB 2017

University of PORTO, Portugal QST 2017
(Quantum Space-Time 2017) International Conference with more than 30 speakers

Complete Video and Audio Recordings of all the Talks *

Also in Archive for January and ongoing throughout 2017 are Recordings of the Weekly Departmental Oxford Philosophy of Physics Seminar, formerly (until 2016) recorded with a camera on loan from the Trust, now recorded by the Oxford University WebCam Service in arrangement with the Organisers and Radcliffe Humanities. These will be listed in the detailed catalogue of 2017 Recordings but are omitted here to save space.