February 2017

30 JAN – 3 FEB 2017 (see previous month)

University of PORTO, Portugal QST 2017
(Quantum Space-Time 2017) International Conference with more than 30 speakers

Complete Video and Audio Recordings of all the Talks *

30 JAN – 18 JUNE 2017

Bogota Colombia

Lo Discreto Y Continuo de Galois A Gromov

A Series of 26 Lectures in Spanish by Prof Fernando ZALAMEA

The Lectures form the basis of a forthcoming book, whose publication is planned for 2018. The Course is recorded in Audio, with complete and detailed photos of all the accompanying board work

7 Feb 2017 University of Seville, Spain

Seminar by Prof Jose FERREIROS

Solomon Feferman’s Conceptual Structuralism : A Via Media in Mathematical Structuralism ? *

9 Feb 2017 – 15 May 2017

A Series of 8 Seminars organised by Prof Franck JEDRZEJEWSKI
(Paris 6) at the College Internationale de Philosophie (CiPh)

with the Series Title

“Diagrammatic Reasoning from Nicolas of Cusa to Topological Quantum Field Theories”

All 8 Seminars (one of which dealt with Penrose diagrams) were recorded in video and audio by myself or by Prof Jedrzejewski

The dates, speakers and titles of the Talks in this series are not listed individually here, but will be in the detailed catalogue of the 2017 Recordings when that has been completed and the Recordings are ready to go on line

10-12 FEBRUARY 2017

University of California at Irvine
A 3 Day Meeting on The Methodology and Epistemology of Cosmology**

recorded by the organizers by arrangement with the Archive Trust

13-17 FEBRUARY 2107

Lorentz Centre, Oort, Netherlands
Quantum Spacetime and the Re-Normalization Group **

A 5 Day Meeting. Some talks recorded in audio by arrangement with the Organizers and a there is a complete set of Speakers Overheads and Notes.

13 FEBRUARY 2017

Sigma Club Meeting. Talk by Dr Jo WOLFF
The Metaphysics of Quantity : A Comparison of Absolutism vs Comparativism about Quantity Types via some Case Studies **

All Sigma Club Events are now recorded in video by the CPNSS by arrangement with the Trust, using equipment which we have provided

22 FEBRUARY 2017 Paris BnF

Second of 2017 Series “Un Texte, Un Mathematicien”

Gerald Tinnenbaum (Inst Elie Cartan, Univ of Lorraine) on Paul ERDOS “Erdos and The Anatomy of Whole Numbers”

This and other Talks in the 2017 Series recorded by BnF

and in Archive

25 FEBRUARY 2017

Paris IRCAM 1 Place Stravinsky

On Differential and Algebraic Geometry and the (Category-Theoretic)
Bridges between them*

1 Day Workshop in Honour of Prof. Andree EHRESMANN

With Invited Talks by Prof. Ehresmann, Prof. Rene Guitart
Dr Mathias Bejean and Others

All talks recorded in Video and Audio