October 2012

In October 2012 The Archive plans to record the following events or to make arrangements to share recordings of them made by others.

4th – 6th OCTOBER 2012

Paris : IHPST 13 Rue du Four 

Program :

Thursday October 4th 2010 – IHPST — Grande Salle

9h30 Welcome Address

9h30-11h00 OPENING TALK: Hannes Leitgeb (Munich), Semantic vs. Set-Theoretic Paradoxes
11h15-12h45 Justin Clarke-Doane (Melbourne), What is the Benacerraf Problem?
14h15-15h45 Gerhard Heinzmann (Nancy), Does the French Connection (Poincaré, Lautman) provide
some insights facing the thesis that meta-mathematics is an exception to the slogan that mathematics
concerns structures?
16h00-17h30 Casper Storm Hansen (Aberdeen), Brouwer’s Free Choice Sequences
17h45-19h15 Gabriele Usberti (Siena), Intuitionism, the Paradox of Knowability and Empirical Negation

Friday October 5th 2010 – Univ. Paris Diderot — Salle Klimt (Bât. Condorcet)

 9h30-11h00 Sébastien Gandon (Clermont-Ferrand), Rota on Combinatorics and Philosophy
11h15-12h45 Marianna Antonutti (Bristol), Incompleteness and Absolute Provability
14h15-15h45 Edoardo Rivello (Pisa), Revision without ordinals
16h00-17h30 Jean-Pierre Marquis (Montreal), Canonical Maps and Category Theory – Or why categorical
foundations are necessary   
17h45-19h15 Olivia Caramello (Cambridge), The unification of mathematics via topos theory

Saturday October 6  2012 – IHPST — Grande Salle

9h45-11h15 Emmylou Haffner (Paris and Notre Dame),

Dedekind on the generality of Arithmetic

11h30-13h00  CLOSING TALK: Mic Detlefsen (Notre Dame)

Rigor and the nature of Reasoning.


More Information to be added with links to Video Audio and Speakers overheads


Monday 15th OCTOBER 2012  

Boston USA

An International Colloquium :


An International Colloquium forming part of the 2012 Program of The Boston Colloquium in The Philosophy of


40th Anniversary of the First Osgood Hill Conference on Quantum Gravity

Monday, October 15, 2012, 9:00am–5:00pm

Barristers Hall, Law School, 765 Commonwealth Ave.


9:00am -12:00pm

“Introduction: Forty Years After”

John Stachel (Center for Einstein Studies, Boston University)

“The Meaning of Background Independence”

Tian Yu Cao (Philosophy, Boston University)

“Emergence: Some Key Physical Issues”

Bei-Lok Hu (Physics, University of Maryland)

“The Problem of Space in Quantum Gravity”

Christian Wüthrich (Philosophy, Science Studies, UC San Diego)

“Simplicial Gravity and Strings”

John Swain (Physics, Northeastern University)



“Some Features of a Good Quantum Gravity Theory”

George Ellis (Mathematics, University of Cape Town)

“Quantum Gravity Phenomenology”

Giovanni Amelino-Camelia (Physics, University of Rome La Sapienza)

“Meaning and Measurement in Quantum Gravity”

John Stachel (Center for Einstein Studies, Boston University)

“Unimodular Conformal and Projective Relativity”

Kaća Bradonjić (Physics, Wellesley College)