September 2011

In September 2011 The Archive recorded the following events or is arranging to share recordings made by others

Thursday 1st – Tuesday 6th September 2011

MILAN  Italy :  University of Milan/San Rafaelle University

ECAP 9 :  The Seventh European Conference of Analytic Philosophy

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Details of Program and other Information to be Added.


September 9th – 11th 2011

Conference on Non-Associative Algebra in Action – Past, Present and Future Perspectives

University of VIRGINIA USA

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Monday September 12th 2011 :

IHES Burre-sur-Yvette, Greater Paris :

An afternoon of Arithmetic Geometry

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Wednesday September 14th 2011:

Paris : 3 Quai Anatole France


By Thibault DAMOUR

Professor at IHES and Member of Academy of Science



Thursday 15th September 2011

IHES Burre-sur-Yvette, Greater Paris :

IHES Seminar on General Relativity

Further details to be added


Monday 19th September 2011

LPTENS Paris (Laboratoire de Physique Theorique, ENS Paris)

Tom BANKS (University of California at Santa Cruz)

Holographic Spacetime

(Seminar within String Theory in Greater Paris Program)

Further details to be added.


19th – 20th September 2011

LPTHE Jussieu

(Laboratoire Theorique Physique Haute Energie  (High Energy Theoretical Physics Lab)

Workshop on Hierarchies and Symmetries

Speakers :  A. Pomard ;  O. Gersdorff;  S. Rychkov;  S. Patil;  P. Camara


Details of Talks and Links to be added


27th September – 1st October 2011

Second International Workshop in Categorical Algebra

Villa Feltrinelli


Lake Garda Italy

Details of Program and Links to Recordings and Overheads of Talks to be added.



27th – 28th September 2011

Third Paris – Nancy Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop

An Event in The Ideals of Proof Program

See Section of Catalogue for Events in The Ideals of Proof  Program

Day One : Tuesday 27th September 2011




Day Two : Wednesday 28th September 2011



Details of Talks and Links to Recordings and Overheads of Speakers to be added




Friday 30th September 2011

Seminaire Philosophie et Physique de PARIS 7

Convenors : Alexis de SAINT-OURS and Elie DURING

Salle 483A Malevich Batiment Condorcet Universite Paris 7

Nazim BOUATTA (D.A.M.T.P. Cambridge)

Quantum Field Theory :  How did it emerge ?

Where is it now? And Where is it headed?

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Many further events for September 2011 to be added.