January 2008

12th January 2008 :  Seminaire MaMuPhi ENS

Thomas Noll : Le Pli Diatonique – Algebraic Combinatorics on Words applied to the Study of the Diatonic Modes 

 22nd January 2008 : Seminaire RIEMANN

January 30th 2008 : 17.00 hrs University Nancy 2

The First Lectures for the IP project took place at Université Nancy 2 and Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7. See Pages in Catalogue for IDEALS OF PROOF PROGRAM 2008 – 2011.   The Nancy lecture took place on January 30th 2008, at 17:00, Campus Lettres et Sciences Humaines, room G 04 (flyer available here).

Mik DETLEFSEN : Expose des Grandes Lignes de son programme de Recherche 2008-2011 in Framework of Chaire d’Excellence “Ideals of Proof”  (mf 0108)

The Lecture was not recorded, but Links to Prof. Detlefsen’s Overheads, Notes of the Lecture and other related material will be posted here.