December 2008

December 2008

1st December 2008 : REHSEIS Seminaire sur Recherches sur L’Abstraction

 Jean-Baptiste RAUZY (Univ Aix-en-Provence) : Sur Les Theories Philosophiques Contemporaines de L’Abstraction

See Link to REHSEIS Presentation of the Seminar,  Abstract and other Information


1st December 2008 IHPST PhilMath Seminar

 Hector ZAMIL-CHAVEZ : L’Approche Algorithmique de L’Aleatoire  (Mf1208)




4th December 2008 : Inst. of Math Jussieu 175 Rue du Chevalaret Paris 10 :30 – 12 :00 hours

Edward FRENKEL : Instantons beyond topological Theory

In Seminaire “Systemes Integrables, Geometrie Differentielle & QFT

(organised by Jean Kouneiher et al.)



6th DECEMBER 2008 ENS Salle S. Weil 11 :00 am Seminaire MaMuPhi

Franck JEDRZEJEWSKI & Pierre LOCHAK : Continuation of Seminar of 11th October 2008

Franck Jedrzejewski  : Les onto(po)logies musicales

& Pierre Lochak : Quelques remarques sur le monde-Musique comme topos de faisceaux]



6th December 2008 :  Transcript of Notes of  an (undated) Discussion with FW LAWVERE



8th DECEMBER 2008  : REHSEIS 9:30-18:00 : Seminaire Histoire et Philosophie des Mathematiques (Responsable David RABOUIN

Journee « Qu’est-ce qu’un Algorithme ? : Les tentatives pour Preciser Le Notion D’Algorithme au XXeme Siecle »



8th December 2008 : IHPST PhilMath Seminar

Julien BOYER : Deflationism and Formal theories of Truth :  Conservativity Arguments  (mf1208)




10th DECEMBER 2008  : Bibliotheque National de France 9 :00 – 6 :00 pm

Main Auditorium : P.I.F.  (Physique et Interrogations Fondamentales : Physics & Fundamental Questions)  :

Organised by French Society of Physics

Models, Possibilities & Limits : How Far off does Reality Lie ?

Further details to be added


10th DECEMBER 2008 : REHSEIS : Seminaire Philosophie des Mathematiques (Organiser : Ivahn SMADJA)/University Paris 7 : 1 Day Workshop “Conceptual issues in Analysis”

Talk 1 : Benoit TIMMERMANS (V.U. Brussels) : An Analysis of the Typologies of Analysis

Click here for link to recording   of Benoit TIMMERMANS Talk ; Duration : 1 hour 23 mins 08 seconds

Talk 2 : Michael BEANEY : (York) : Conceptions of Analysis in Early Analytic Philosophy

Click here for link to recording   of Michael BEANEY’s Talk : Duration : 2 hours 7 mins 50 seconds



10th DECEMBER 2008 ENS 10:00 am : Soutenenace de These de Gabriel CATREN


Wednesday 10th DECEMBER 2008 : IHP Paris Room 201 : 2:00 pm : Seminaire Epistemologie et L’Histoire des Idees Mathematiques

Speaker : Marc ROGALSKI :  Rapports between Local and Global Structures in Mathematics and in Elementary Physics


12th-13th DECEMBER 2008 : Science in Flux 08 : IHPST Paris

Formal Approaches to Belief Change and Inquiry in the Philosophy of Science

See Link to Abstract of Talks


Saturday 13 December 2008 : 09h30-17h45 – IHPST, salle 406 (4e étage)

Colloque “Historical and philosophical perspectives on the concept of organism”

See Link to Abstract of Talks  (mf1208)



December 15th – 16th 2008 :

A Workshop on “Geometrical Thinking” in Nancy (Université Nancy 2, Amphithéâtre Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Lorraine), took place on December 15th – 16th 2008. Program and abstracts are available on this page.

The Talks at this Workshop were recorded and can be listened to below, together with an additional lecture delivered by Profesor Jeremy GRAY on the morning of December 17th 2008

Recordings of Talks at IP Workshop on Geometrical Thought Univ of Nancy 2 15th – 16th December 2008

December 15th 2008 Day 1 of Meeting :

Talk 1 : Jeremy GRAY (Open University UK) : On the Nature of Geometrical Thought : The Case of Minimal Surfaces

Click here for link  to the Recording of Jeremy GRAY’s Talk : 1 hour 04 minutes 06 seconds : 117 MB

Click here for his overheads

15th December 2008 Talk 1 Part II (Discussions following Talk) : 1 hour 00 minutes 15 seconds : 110 MB

Click here for link to Recording   of Discussions following Jeremy GRAY’s Talk

Talk 2 : Michael HALLETT (McGill University) : Geometry and Number in The Thought of Hilbert 1891 – 1905

Plus Following Discussions

Click here for link   to Recording of Michael HALLETT’s Talk : 2 hours 22 minutes 16 seconds : 260 MB

Talk 3 : Douglas JESSEPH (University of Southern Florida) : “The Very Soul of Mathematics” : The Mathematical Lectures of Isaac Barrow and The Theory of Ratio and Quantity in the 17th Century

Click here for link to recording of Douglas JESSEPH’s Talk : 1 hour 57 minutes 20 seconds : Track 44 : 214 MB

16th December 2008 Day 2 of Meeting

Talk 1 : Mary DOMSKI (Phil. Univ of New Mexico) : Kant on The Imagination and Geometrical Certainty

Click here for link to recording of Mary DOMSKI’s Talk : 1 hour 47 mins 25 seconds : 196 Mb

TALK 2 : Victor PAMBUCCIAN (State University of Arizona)

Elementary Geometries, Groups and Fields : Resemblances and Differences between Geometric and Algebraic Standpoints.

Click here for link to recording of Victor PAMBUCCIAN’s Talk : Duration : 1 hour 35 minutes 34 seconds Track 46 : 174 MB

TALK 3 (Part 1): Henk BOS (Universities of Utrecht and Aarhus)

The Early Modern Tradition of Problem Solving (Late 16th – early 17th Century) as the Context for new ideas about the Nature of Geometry

Click here for link to recording of Part 1 of Henk BOS’s Talk : 1 hour 29 minutes 54 seconds Track 47 : 164 MB

TALK 3 (Part 2) : Henk BOS (Universities of Utrecht and Aarhus) : The Early Modern Tradition of Problem Solving (Late 16th – early 17th Century) as the Context for new ideas about the Nature of Geometry

Click here for link to recording of Last Part of Talk plus following Discussions Duration : 45 minutes 33 seconds

End of section of recordings of Nancy Workshop on Geometrical Thinking


December 17th 2008 : Additional Talk at Archives Henri Poincare Nancy 2 : Talk in Series : Grandes Conferences des Archives Poincare

Jeremy GRAY (Centre for the History of The Mathematical Sciences, Open University UK)

Poincare and Complex Function Theory

Click here for link to recording of this Talk (First Part of Talk Missing) : 1 hour 25 minutes 8 seconds Size : 19.8 Mb

18th December 2010

Aide-Memoire of a brief interview with Jean Benabou discussing plans for a “Rencontres avec Jean Benabou”

– An extended panel discussion on the lines of the June 2005 “Rencontres” with FW Lawvere

End of 2008 Recordings