May 2007

The Archive contains the following recordings for May 2007 :

3rd May 2007

Paris/ENS : Seminar “Categories en Physique”  (Marc LACHIEZE-REY et al.)

Marc LACHIEZE-REY : Presentation and Critical Appraisal of A Series of Articles by CJ Isham and Andreas DOERING on Topos Theory as A Framework for the Representation of the Structures of Classical and Quantum Physics

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4th May 2007

Paris/REHSEIS : Seminaire RIEMANN : 1 Day Symposium on Whitehead, Eddington and Russell : Their Respective Receptions and Uses of Relativity Theory

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and Other Speakers

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4th May 2007

Notes/Aide-Memoire of discussions with Prof. Alberto PERUZZI (Firenze) on topics in foundations of mathematics, logic and cognition

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7th May 2007

Paris/ENS : Seminaire en Philosophie et Mathematique (Seminaire  Cartier, Longo et al.)

Speaker :  John L. BELL  (University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada)

Title :  On The Natural and The Real Numbers in The Framework of Topos Theory and Local (Constructive) Set Theory

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9th May 2007 : Paris/IHP :  Seminar on Historical and Epistemological Approaches to the Study of Mathematical Concepts

Alain LE MIGNOT : Venn, Boole and 19th Century Diagrammatic Reasoning – Between Logic and Algebra

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9th May 2007 : Paris/ENS :  Seminar “Penser Les Sciences”

Etienne KLEIN : The ( “Unreasonable” ? )  Efficacity of Mathematics in Physics : The Case of The Higgs Boson and Gauge Theory  

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10th May 2007 : Paris/ENS Seminaire Generale de Departement de Physique

Speaker : F. LALLOE

Online Publication, oral and written and Open Scientific Archives – The Future Direction of communication between Scientific Researchers

11th May 2007 : Paris/IHP  In Series of Conferences on History of Mathematics

One Day Conference on THE MATHEMATICAL WORK OF ELIE CARTAN  (1869-1951) 

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12th May 2007 : Seminaire MaMuPhi  ENS Paris – François Nicolas : – En quoi la philosophie de Logiques des mondes (Alain Badiou) peut servir au musicien (ou la question d’un matérialisme de type nouveau)

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12th MAY :   IRCAM Salle Messaien : Third of A Course of 3 Monthly Lectures by Yves ANDRE (Maitre des Conferences CNRS/ENS) : Three Introductory Lectures for a General Mathematical Audience and for interested non-mathematicians (Philosophers of Science, Information Scientists etc) on recent influential new mathematical notions : notably an introduction to the concepts of ; adjunction and adjoint functor; Von Neumann Algebras and their Factors; motives and operads

Each Lecture 3 hours

Lecture 3 :  

12 mai 2007 : Idées galoisiennes  (théorie de l’ambiguïté)

Texte de l’intervention

Resume :

Yves Andre on Galois Theory : The Legacy of Galois – The Marriage of Algebra and Geometry – Deepening Perspectives – The Advent of Motives and Operads 

14th May 2007 : Paris/REHSEIS :  One Day Workshop on The Development of The Concept of Magnitude in 17th Century Mathematics

Details of Speakers, Titles and Recordings to be added here.

15th May 2007 : Paris/REHSEIS

Speaker : Sandra LA POINTE (KSU) : Bolzano’s Critique of The Kantian Epistemology of Mathematics

15th May 2007 : Paris/CREA  :  Invited Lecture

John L. BELL (UWO)  : On The Indecomposability of The Continuum

With extended discussion following including exchanges between John L. Bell and Richard Tieszen, Jean Petitot and Others 


16th May 2007

Paris/Seminaire “Categories en Physique” (Convenor Marc Lachieze-Rey)

John L. BELL (UWO)

Two Approaches to The Modelling of Spacetime Structure suggested by Sheaf Theory and Topos Theory

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21st May 2007

Paris/ENS Seminaire Philosophie et Mahematique (Seminaire Cartier/Longo et al.)  2007 SeriesTopic :  The Legacy of Poincare

Elie DURING :  Poincare and the 4th Dimension : Between Projective Geometry and Topology 

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21st May 2007


Seminaire : Histoire des Geometries

Speaker : Marc BARBUT (EHESS Paris)

At the Crossroads of Algebra, Combinatorics, Geometry and Statistics : Desargues Configuration

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22nd May 2007

Paris/CREA   Invited Lecture

John L. BELL (UWO) :  THE AXIOM OF CHOICE :  Reflections on some of its Aspects and Ramifications.

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24th May 2007

IHES/Burres-sur-Yvette :  EULER – A UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICIAN (1707-1783) :

A One Day Conference to mark  the 300th Anniversary of his birth

5 Speakers.  Details of Speakers Talks and Recordings (Audio and Video) to be added.


24th May 2007 :  Note/memorndum of dicussions with John L. Bell following IHES Euler Conference concerningEulers distinct conceptions of Infinitesimals and the extent to which Synthetic Differential Geometry and Smooth Infinitesimal Analysis provide an appropriate framework for their reconstruction


24th May 2007 : Paris/ENS : F. Nicolas on Alain Badiou’s “Logique des Mondes”