January 2007



9th January 2007 : Paris :  Seminar on Categories en Physique

Romain ATTAL leads Discussion Group on The Article of Lou Crane and Christiansen : Causal Sets as Quantum Geometry




9th January 2007 : London CPNSS T 206  Lakatos Building Tynes Court  5:15 pm

Sigma Club Meeting : Harvey BROWN (Oxford) :  Why Is General Relativity a Geometric Theory? : The Red Shift Argument Re-visited – Thoughts on Gravity, Spacetime Geometry and The Equivalence Principle





10thJanuary 2007 :   Seminar on Historical and Epistemological Approaches to Mathematical Concepts

Salle 201  Institut Henri Poincare 14:00 hrs

Philippe SEGUIN : Combinatoria Universalis in the Work of Novalis and CF Hindenburg : Arithmetico-Algebraic Accounts of the Foundations of Mathematics in Late 18th Century Germany.

Length of recording :  1 Hr  58 minutes 8 Seconds 


10th January 2007 : Seminaire “Penser Les Sciences” : ENS Paris Salle Paul Celan  20.00 hrs

Stephane DUGOWSON :  La Fibre Intuitive : Vers Un Mathematique de L’Evenement

(A Discussion of the Mathematical Work of Jean Benabou and some suggested connections with the Philosophical Ideas of Alain Badiou.  With the participation of Jean Benabou himself.)

Length of Recording :  2 hours 22 minutes 19 seconds 



11th January 2007 : Institut Henri Poincare  10:00 am

1st Lecture of A Lecture Course given by Professor Jonathan ROSENBERG on

Noncommutative Topology in Geometry and in Physics :

Lecture 1 Part 1 : Introduction and Overview :  59 minutes 57 seconds

Part 2 (after Coffee Break) :  28 minutes 47 seconds 

(Prof. Rosenberg’s Course Formed Part of the IHP Trimester  : Stacks and Groupoids in Geometry and Physics” (8th January – 27th March 2007)

(For First of  3  Workshops within the Trimester – 1st Workshop entitled “Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics” see January 15th – 19th 2007  below)


11th January 2007 : IHP 14:00 hrs

Prof Jonathan ROSENBERG : Diagrammatic Calculus, KK Equivalence and the further Noncommutative Generalisation of the Grothendieck Generalisation of the Riemann-Roch Theorem



10th – 13th January 2007 : THE CLASSICAL MODEL OF SCIENCE:  The Axiomatic Method, The Order of Concepts and The Hierarchy of The Sciences : The Enduring Legacy to the 21st Century of some Aristotelian Themes in the Philosophy of the Sciences 

An International Conference at The Free University of Amsterdam.

For the Full Programme of the Conference and The Timetable of Talks, please see link here (To be installed) :

Within The Conference,  the following Talks were recorded :

12th January 2007 : Special Invited Lecture by Paolo MANCOSU (UC Berkeley)

On The Completeness and Categoricity of Axiomatic Systems



13th January 2007 :

Parallel Session XII : Room 11A-02

Flavia PADOVANI (Geneva) :  Hans Reichenbach and The Axiomatisation of Physics

PLENARY LECTURE (Concluding Plenary Lecture of Conference) :

Jaako HINTIKKA (Boston) : “What Is the Axiomatic Method?

(Many more recordings of 10th-13th January 2007 Conference on “The Classical Model of Science” in Amsterdam to be added here.)




12th January 2007 : Paris, Maison des Arts et Metiers :

Memorial Symposium for Gilles KAHN

 Details to be added.


15th January 2007 :   Seminaire Philosophie et Mathematique Ecole Normale Superieure Paris (Seminaire Cartier/Longo et al.)

Pierre CARTIER :  A Century of Mathematico-Philosophical Reflections on Chance  from Lapalce to Poincare


15th January 2007 / Paris : REHSEIS 1 Day Workshop :

Mathematiques Algorithmiques,  Mathematiques Conceptuelles  (en Axe “Algorithmes, Instruments et Operations”) 

Details of Speakers, Titles of Talks and Details of Recordings to be added. 

includes Recordings of Talks by : 







15th-19th January 2007 : WORKSHOP on “Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics” – First of ” Workshops forming part of IHP Trimester Course on Stacks and Groupoids in Geometry and Physics

Recordings include :  Workshop Talk by P. SIEGEL on Spaces designed to provide a good homology theory for K 2 – sequences plus following Discussion

Aide-memoire of  private explanation/exposition by P. Cartier on Index Theory for Noncommutative Varieties – a major roadblock in current algebraic geometry – discussion and comparison of possible strategies – Index Theory for De-Singularisation – “pushing back down” – Debordism and the uses of the Kasparov Ring Representation



17th January 2007 :  Seminar on Historical and Epistemological Approaches to Mathematical Concepts

Salle 201  Institut Henri Poincare 14:00 hrs

Pierre LOCHAK : Alexandre Grothendieck : L’Enfant Trouve et La Philosophie : 12 Episodes in The Mathematical Work and Thought of Grothendieck


17th January 2007 : Series  “Un Texte, Un Mathematicien”  : Series of Public Lectures at the Bibliotheque National de France organised by the Societe Mathematique de France

Pierre CARTIER (CNRS/IHES) : The Mechanique Analytique of Lagrange and the respective Roles of algebraic symbolism and diagrammatic representation in driving the development of mathematical concepts and formalisms from Lagrange to the present.



18th January 2007  IHP Paris : Lecture Course Within IHP Trimester Course on Stacks and Groupoids in Geometry and Physics :

Prof. PING XU (Chern Centre for Mathematics and National Academy of Sciences of China) 

Lie Groupoids and Poisson Geometry


18th January 2007 :  Institut Henri Poincare :  4th Lecture in Course by Prof. Jonathan ROSENBERG

on Noncommutative Topology in Geometry and Physics 


19th January 2007 :  Seminaire RIEMANN (REHSEIS/ENS) Paris

Joel MERKER : The Mathematical Work and Outlook of SOPHUS LIE



21st January 2007 : Notes of Conversations and Discussions with John MAYBERRY (Bristol) on his views concerning the Foundations of Mathematics and the correct understanding of the respective role and position with respect to the foundations of mathematics of the basic notions of set theory and category theory



22nd January 2007 : Cambridge : Cambridge Philosophy of Physics Seminar at The Isaac Newton Institute 

Jeremy BUTTERFIELD : The Classical Limit(s) of Quantum Theory


22nd January 2007 :  Seminaire Philosophie et Mathematique Ecole Normale Superieure Paris (Seminaire Cartier/Longo et al.)


The Least Action Principle in Poincare and in Einstein : Questions of Univocity and Completeness


22nd January 2007 :  Final Lecture (Parts 5 and 6 of Course) in Lecture Course given at IHP by Prof. Jonathan ROSENBERG on Noncommutative Topology in Geometry and Physics : Subject of Last Lecture : The Role of Noncommutative Topology in String Theory



23rd January 2007 :  First Lecture of A Course given between 23rd January and 27th March 2007 as part of IHP Trimester on Stacks and Groupoids and Higher Stuctures in Geometry and Physics

Prof. Lawrence BREEN  :  Categorical Structures and Cohomology


23rd January 2007 :  Aide-Memoire of (telephone) discussion with FW LAWVERE concerning his views regarding the correct mathematical representation of the Notion of Space in General


24th January 2007 :  Seminar on Historical and Epistemological Approaches to Mathematical Concepts

Salle 201  Institut Henri Poincare 14:00 hrs

Rene GUITART :  Le Categorisaton ou Le Mathematisations des Gestes Mathematiques

24th January 2007 : Observatoire de Paris : Seminar in History of Astronomy

Guy PICOLET and Michel TOULMONDE : D’Uraniborg aux Cotes de France : Les Satellites de Jupiter en Service de La Geographie

24th January 2007 : ENS Seminar “Penser des Sciences”

Pierre LIVET : La Notion de “Virtuel” de Giles-Gaston GRANGER a La Logique Lineaire

25th January 2007 : Oxford Philosophy of Physics  Seminar

David WALLACE on Ontological Issues regarding Wave Function -vs- Relative State based Interpretations of QM                                                                                                                                                              mf250107


25th January 2007 : Paris : Seminar Categories en Physique :

Part I : Continuation and Conclusion of Expose by R. ATTAL from previous Session of Seminar of Paper by Crane and Christiansen on Causal Sets as Quantum Geometry

Part II : Rene GUITART :  Double Categories and Physics

a.  The Origin of the Notion of Double Categories in the Work of Ehresmann and Grothendieck, with some discussion of their contrasting viewpoints and

b. The possible applications of Double Categories in Physics

Plus Contemporaneous Notes : Aide-Memoire of general discussion which followed this seminar between R.Guitart, M. Lachieze-Rey, JJ Szczeciniarz and others about general epistemological issues concerning the basic concepts of category theory,  particularly that of morphism; and the respective claims to epistemological priority of geometric and arithmetic concepts. 


25th January 2007 :  Oxford Philosophy of Physics Discussion Group : Charlotte WERNDL on

Definitions of Classical Chaos and their Applications in Physics 


26th January 2007 : Bristol, UK :  Week 1 of Informal Seminar/Discussion Group on Category Theory – its role in the conceptual organisation of mathematics and its place in the analysis of the foundations of math

with the participation of John Mayberry, Richard Pettigrew and others.

Subjects for Week 1 : Natural Transformations – illustrations of their role eg Duals of Vector Spaces; The Yoneda Lemma 


27 January 2007  Seminaire MaMuPhi NS PARIS – Stéphane Dugowson : Attractions borroméennes : Borromean Rings and Borromean Attractors : An Episode in the Mathematical Thought of Alexandre Grothendieck

Video : www.diffusion.ens.fr/index.php?res=conf&idconf=1639

Video copyright Service de Diffusion des Savoirs


28th January 2007 : Aide-Memoire of discussions with Colin McLarty concerning FW Lawvere’s views concerning the mathematical representation of  different aspects of the structure of space and the struggle to find the most fruitful mathematical characterisation of Cohesion


29th January 2007 : Aide-memoire concerning earlier discussions concerning the notion of “geometrically reasonable” mappings and a list of questions concerning the notions of Intensive and Extensive Quantity


29th January 2007 :  Cambridge UK : Cambridge Philosophy of Physics Seminar

Jeremy BUTTERFIELD : The Conceptual Issues facing a Theory of Quantum Gravity     mf290107


30th January 2007 : Notes and aide-memoire of a telephone conversation with FW Lawvere on the subject of  Five Aspects of The Notion of Space which must be taken into account in considering its Mathematical Representation


30th January 2007

Institut Henri Poincare Paris

2nd Lecture in Lecture Course by Prof. Lawrence BREEN within IHP Trimester on Stacks Groupoids and Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics

Title of Course :  Categorical Structures and Cohomology


31st January 2007 :  Seminar on Historical and Epistemological Approaches to Mathematical Concepts

Salle 201  Institut Henri Poincare 14:00 hs

Caroline BARDINI : Unknowns, Variables and Parameters : an examination of  various guises of the notion of indeterminacy in Mathematics


31st January 2007 : London CPNSS : T206 Lakatos Building

Stephan HARTMANN (LSE) : Probability and Decoherence 


The following recordings  held by the Archive were also made in January 2007  but the exact date and location is to be confirmed

(Observatoire de Paris Seminar ?)

G. Wormser :  Matter-AntiMatter Asymmetry : Recent Results from The BABAR Experiment and Future Experimental Prospects