May 2006

Thursday 12th May 2006 :  New Symmetries in Mathematics and Physics  : Invited University of London Lecture at LSE  by Prof. Pierre CARTIER





20th May 2006 : Seminaire MaMuPhi   ENS Paris

  • Giorgio Gargani (salle Celan)

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THEORIES OF TRUTH : A Course of Lectures at ENS Paris by
Professor Paolo Mancosu, U.C. Berkeley ; visiting professor, ENS.

The mini-course is devoted to a detailed study of the two major formal theories of truth developed in the twentieth century, e.g. Tarski’s (1935) and Kripke’s (1975).

4 Lectures : 22nd May 2006 and 29th May 2006 and 5th June 2006 and 12th June 2006 (mf 06)