December 2006

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9th December 2006 IRCAM/MaMuPhi Seminar :  Details to follow

  • 9 décembre 2006 – René Guitart : Toute théorie est algébrique

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9th DECEMBER 2006  IRCAM Seminar Salle Messiaen 15-18 hrs

First Lecture of A Course of 3 Monthly Lectures by Yves ANDRE (Maitre des Conferences CNRS/ENS) : Three Introductory Lectures for a General Mathematical Audience and for interested non-mathematicians (Philosophers of Science, Information Scientists etc) on recent influential new mathematical notions : notably an introduction to the concepts of ; adjunction and adjoint functor; Von Neumann Algebras and their Factors; motives and operads.

Each Lecture 3 hours

Lecture 1

• 9 décembre 2006 : Aperçus sur les algèbres d’opérateurs (algèbres de von Neumann)

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