July 2000


JULY 16th – 22nd 2000   :   CT 2000

International Category Theory Meeting Villa Olmo Lake COMO Italy

Details of Programme and Recordings to follow


Notes made 17th July 2000 : Notes of a Discussion between FW Lawvere and Alberto Peruzzi on FWL’s suggestion that the Notion of Generating Figure should be regarded as the decisive general defining concept for a notion of Space in general

17th JULY 2000  Day 1 of Meeting

Talk 1  by Saunders Mac Lane :  Categorical Foundations of Math.

Talk 2  by Jack Duskin :  A simplicial matrix approach to the Nerves of higher dimensional categories

Further Talks to be added


18th JULY 2000 : Day 2 of Meeting 

Day 2 Talk 1 by  Peter FREYD :  New Perspectives on Advanced Calculus

Day 2 Talk 2 : Robbie GATES :  DISTRIBUTIVE CATEGORIES  :  A Synthesis of Extensivity and Distributivity

Day 2 : Talk 3 : Walter THOLEN :  Injectives, Exponentials and Model Categories

Day 2 Talk 5 :  Yves DIERS : Concrete Geometrical Categories

Anders KOCK  on  Infinitesimal Aspects of the Laplace Operator

19th JULY 2000 : Day 3 of  Meeting

Talk by Anders KOCK on Metric aspects of Synthetic Differential Geometry

Further Talks to be added.

Notes of a discussion with Anders Kock and George Rousseau on Postnikov Towers

Discussions with Anders Kock, FWL, Alberto Peruzzi and others concerning Synthetic Differential Geometry

Other Talks and General Discussion/Round Table to be added

Notes of discussions.esp. between FWL,  Steve Schanuel and Alberto Peruzzi to be added.

20th JULY 2000 : Day 4 of Meeting

Talks to be added

21st JULY 2000 : Day 5 of Meeting

Talks to be added

22nd JULY 2000 : Day 6 of Meeting

Talk 1 Day 6 :  FW LAWVERE on  Gorenstein Algebras and Material Microstructures

Talk 2  Day 6 by Dominique BOURN on the 3×3 lemma and Protomodularity

July 22nd 2000 PM : Notes of a Discussion/Exposition on Etendues given by Anders KOCK after Meeting