January 2000


5th – 7th  January 2000 :  Workshop on Algebraic Analysis

San Francisco

Details of speakers and Talks to be added                                    19 Recordings

copyright in recordings Math Sci Research Institute, Berkeley


10th January 2000 :  TPRU Research Seminar Birkbeck College London :

Geometric and Algebraic Structures in the Quantum Formalism. A Continuing Series of talks by Prof. BJ HILEY


January 10th – 14th 2000  : International Algebra Conference,  University of Moscow,  Russia

32 Talks of which following 10 (in English) were  (video) recorded by Arrangement with organisers :

V. Kharachenkov   :  Quantisation of Lie Algebras

B. Sturmov :  Noncommutative Grobner Bases for Commutative Algebras

V. Ufnarovsky : Noncommutative Algebras : What Prospect for Computational Methods ?

Victor Kac : Integrable Representations of Affine Superalgebras

A. Retakh  :  Simple Conformal Algebras


E. Poletaeva ;  Supeconformal Algebras, Cohomology and Hodge Theory

M. Rotman :  Universal Constructions in Conformal (and Vertex) Algebras

P. Shumyatsky : The Restricted Burnside Problem

R. Orellana : Algebras for Spin Groups

Y. Bakturin : Identities in Graded Algebras

10 recordings

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12th January 2000 :  CPNSS  Room T 206 Philosophy of Physics Research Seminar

Chaired by Michael REDHEAD

Renormalisation Group – versus – Mean Field Theories in Condensed Matter Physics : A Choice of Theory or A Choice of Method ?


15th – 20th JANUARY 2000  :  MATHEMATICS in The 21st Century

An International Conference in Cairo, Egypt

Recorded : Invited Address to Opening Plenary Session by Prof. M.S. NARASIMHAN : Moduli Problems in Geometry

Plus  3  Talks in session on Geometry

Plus  7  Talks in 2 Sessions on General Relativity.

Total of 11 recordings.  Unfortunately, atempts to arrange to record other Sections of this Large International Conference were unsuccessful.


18th January 2000  : TPRU Research Seminar Birkbeck College London

The Dirac Algebra and SU(2) Symmetry


19th January 2000 :  CPNSS Room T 206 Graduate Seminar

Michael REDHEAD led a Discussion of Infinity



20th January 2000  :  CPNSS Room T 206 5.00 – 7.00 PM  Sigma Club Meeting

Michael REDHEAD on

The Interpretation of Gauge Symmetry


21st January 2000 :  Lady Mitchell Hall Cambridge

Prof. Chris ISHAM on


First of the Darwin Lectures on Time for the Year 2000


24th  January 2000 :  TPRU Research Seminar Birkbeck College London

What Role (if any) for Adjoint Functors in Physics and/or Biology ?


25th January 2000 : Wolfson College Oxford

The Wolfson College Lecture Series for the Year 2000 :

First Lecture : Prof. M. Fisher on

“Pictures,  Approximations and Analogies : The Many Faces of Theoretical Models   



26th JANUARY 2000 :  CPNSS  Graduate Seminar   Room T 206 Lakatos Building

Michael REDHEAD  led A Discussion of Topics in The Philosophy of Time, starting from a critical discussion of DC Willaims paper on the “A” Series and the “B” Series





31st January 2000 :  A Panel Discussion on Philosophy of A.I.  University College London

sponsored by The British Academy.  Topic : Are Life Forms Abstract Structures capable of instantiation in Media other  than those based on Carbon and  Nucleic Acids ?

Chaired  by Nicolas Maxwell