November 1999

NOVEMBER  1999 :

Discussions and Interview with Alberto PERUZZI  (Florence, Philosophy) on a range of topics in his work,  especially the role of category theory in studies of foundations of language and cognition

3rd NOVEMBER 1999 :  Council Room Kings College London

Centre for Philosophical Studies KCL Seminar

Prof. Stewart SHAPIRO (Ohio State) :  Is Set Theory the Right Foundation for Mathematics ?”


8th November 1999   BSPS  (British Society for the Philosophy of Science)

Helen BEEBEE : Should We Believe in The CausaL Nexus ?


9th NOVEMBER 1999 :  Bristol University Philosophy of Physics Seminar :  Jos BERKOVITZ  (LSE)  :  The Nature of Causation and Non-Locality in Quantum Phenomena                                 (mf1199)


12th November 1999 

Oxford Physics Colloquium  :  4;15 pm Lindemann Lecture  Theatre Clarendon Lab :

Prof. Peter KNIGHT (Imperial) ; Atomic Teleportation : Can Alice Beam Scotty to Bob ? – Or : More Things to do with Cavity QED


12th NOVEMBER 1999 :  5.45 pm

Prof. Michael REDHEAD :  On The Intelligibility of The Universe

An Invited Lecture at The Royal Institute of Philosophy


19th November 1999  :    

Oxford Physics Colloquium  :  4;15 pm Lindemann Lecture  Theatre Clarendon Lab :

H. JONES (Oxford) :   Turbulence, Explosions etc : Things that are needed (or put up with)  in order to get world-beating magnetic fields for research


23rd November 1999 : 4:15 PM :  Mott Lecture Thaetre Physics Department Bristol University



24th November 1999

Centre for Philosophical Studies  Kings College London

5:15 pm : Committee Room  :  Professor Joseph W. DAUBEN (CUNY)      mp  241199

Ancient Chinese Mathematics : Not the Euclidean Way”


27th NOVEMBER 1999 :  The 5th UK Quantum Mini-Meeting

Queen Mary & Westfield College LONDON

With Talks by Richard JOSZA,  Vlatko VEDRAL and others.  6  Talks

6 Recordings.  Details to follow.

Friday 26th November 1999    mp 261199

Oxford Physics Colloquium  :  4;15 pm Lindemann Lecture  Theatre Clarendon L:ab

Prof. V. Rubakov (Rusian Academy of Sciences)

Towards Understanding the Origin of the Matter-AntiMatter Asymmetry in the Universe 


 29th NOVEMBER 1999 : 

Oxford Philosophy of Physics

Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Joseph SILK  :  5.00 pm Exam Schools Oxford :  “The Infinite Universe”  mp291199