March 1999

Wednesday 3rd March 1999 :  Oxford 10 Merton Street :

Dr G. Rigamonti’s Class/Seminar on Foundations of Geometry in Plato :

Today’s Topic : Ancient and Modern Theories of Continua compared.


5.00 pm : All Souls : Hovenden Room : Alexander Koyre Seminar

S. Mandelbrote (Cambridge) on NEWTON


8.15 pm : Oxford Zoology Department : Lecture Series : Darwin’s Legacy :

Inman HARVEY (Imperial College) : Evolving Artificial Intelligence

6.00 – 8.00 pm London CPNSS  Room T206  : Philosophy of Physics Research Seminar on Foundations of Complex Systems Theory :
This Week’s Subject : Foundations of Statistical Mechanics 


March 9th 1999 :  Oxford Philosophy Centre 10 Merton Street Ryle Room

Philosophy Seminar Talk

Jeremy BUTTER FIELD :  How Could Intuitionsitic Logic be relevant to Physics ?

9th March 1999

Oxford Philosophy of Physics Talk on Quantum Gravity by Jeremy BUTTERFIELD

Details to be added          (mfi0399)


Wednesday March 10th 1999    2.00 pm    :  Oxford Holywell Manor : Philosophy of Physics  Discussion Group    

Details to be added   

5.00 pm Oxford ASC Hovenden Room  Alexander Koyre Seminar

M.R. Antognazza (Aberdeen) on LEIBNIZ


12th February 1999  4.15 – 6.15 Oxford  10 Merton Street  Philosophy of Physics Seminar.

Mark HOGARTH (Cambridge)  : Is Church’s Thesis a Conjecture of Any Importance ?


16th March 1999 :  Imperial College London Room 503 Huxley Building  Physics Theory Group Seminar

P. MORGAN (Oxford)

A Statistical Field Theory Interpretation for QFT


Wednesday March 17th 1999 :  CPNSS  Room T206 : Lakatos Award Seminar

Jeffrey BUB

Title and further details to be added


Wednesday 24th March 1999 :  5.15 pm  Kings College London Council Room

Centre for Philosophical Studies Seminar :

Christopher HOOKWAY :  Quine and Davidson : Naturalism and Interpretation


Friday March 26th 1999  One Day Conference University of London Senate House


Speakers and titles to be Added.  7  Recordings including Panel Discussion