February 1999

February 3rd 1999  : 

5.00 PM  Oxford ASC Hovenden Room : Alexander Koyre Seminar

Nicholas JARDINE (Cambridge HPS)  On KEPLER                              (mf 0299)


6.00 – 8.00 pm : CPNSS Room T 206 Philosophy of Physics Research Seminar:
Foundations of Complex Systems Theory : Discussion of Emergent properties


8.15 pm  Oxford Zoology Department

Lecture Series : Darwin’s Legacy

John Maynard Smith on Evolution and Development


8th February 1999 :  Oxford  10 Merton street  Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar

David BOSTOCK : Is there an Intuitionistic Understanding of the Semantics for the Logical Constants based on the Notion of Proof ?


10th February 1999 :

5.00 PM  Oxford ASC Hovenden Room : Alexander Koyre Seminar

Jonathan BENNETT on The Mathematics of the  17th Century Cambridge Platonists


Thursday 11th FEBRUARY 1999

SIGMA CLUB Meeting CPNSS  T 206  5.15 pm


A Topos-theoretic perspective on the Kochen-Specker Theorem


12th February 1999

2.30 pm  Oxford Mathematical Institute :

Richard JOSZA (Bristol) : On Quantum Information and Von Neumann Entropy


4.15 pm :  Oxford  10 Merton Street Philosophy Centre : Philosophy of Physics Seminar :

Adrian KENT

Unifying Consistent Histories and Collapse Models


Monday 15th February 1999 : Oxford 10 Merton Street Philosophy Centre

Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar

Gianluigi OLIVERI :   Patterns and Infinity


Wednesday 17th February 1999  : 

2.00 PM Oxford :  Holywell Manor : Oxford Philosophy of Physics Discussion Group :  Theme of the Seminar for Lent Term 1999 : The Role of Mathematics in Physics

Talk and Discussion on Newton’s Alchemical Aether Explanation for the Frame of the World


5.00 PM  Oxford ASC Hovenden Room : Alexander Koyre Seminar



8.15 PM :  Oxford Zoology Department : Lecture Series : Darwin’s Legacy :

Daniel DENNETT on The Evolution of Culture



21st February 1999  Oxford Philosophy of Physics Advanced Class   10 Merton Street   Simon Saunders and Harvey Brown.

Part A  :  Thermodynamics in The Kac Ring Formulation

Part B :  Geometry and the Nature and Status of Gauge Principles in Physics, with particular reference to the Bohm-Aharanov Effect

Continued in weeks 5-8 of Lent Term


22nd February 1999 : Notes of Discussion on FW Lawvere’s Article on Volterra on Functionals

(Date of Discussion unrecorded but notes made shortly afterwards)

Wednesday 24th February 1999  :  Kings College London Centre for Philosophical Studies  Room 35B Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar

Robert BROWN (Manitoba : Editor Philosophia Mathematica)

Why Ontology really should not matter to the Mathematician


8.15 pm  Oxford University Zoology Departmetn : In Lecture Series : Darwin’s Legacy

David Deutsch : The Evolution of Intelligence


Thursday 25th february 1999 :  4.30 pm  CPNSS T206 Tynes Court

Sigma Club Meeting :  Johannes HUNGER  (Heidelberg) on

Explanation in Chemistry


26th February 1999 :  Cambridge HPS : Philosophy of Physics Reading Group :

Reading “Time’s Arrow and Quantum Measurement” (Ed. LS Schulman  CUP 1997)


Wednesdays February /March 1999   Oxford 10 Merton Street :  On Plato’s View of the Foundations of Geometry

Dr G. Rigamonti (University of Palermo)