December 1999

December 1st – 3rd 1999 :  Notes of extended Discussions with Colin McLARTY and Alberto PERUZZI on 1998 – 1999 F.O.M. List Debate on Category Theory : Are there plausible candidates for autonomous conceptual primitives in Category Theory to those of Set Theory ?


Thursday 9th December 1999 :  SIGMA CLUB DEBATE on COSMOLOGY and THEOLOGY Between Adolf GRUNBAUM and Richard SWINBURNE


13th December 1999  :  TPRU (Theoretical Physics research Unit) Seminar  Birkbeck College LONDON

Details of Speaker and Topic to be added


15th December 1999  :  “Is Hilbert Space the Right Structure for Quantum Theory?”   Notes of A Discussion with F.W. Lawvere and others.