June 1997

June 20th-21st 1997

Cambridge Department of History and Philosophy of Science.

From Physics to Philosophy  :  Proceedings of A Conference in Honour of Michael Redhead to mark his retirement from the Chair of History and Philosophy of Science in The University of Cambridge


Track 1 :  Conference Dinner and Speeches




June 20th 1997


Track 2  :  Professor Peter LIPTON  (Professor Michael Redheads’s Successor as Chair of the History and Philosophy of Science Department Cambridge)

Ceteris Paribus Laws, Models and Reality



Track 3  :  J.W.N. WATKINS (LSE) :

Determinism and Human Intervention.




Track 4 :  Moshe MACHOVER (Kings College London)

Models and Reality  :  Theory – Laden contrasted with Theory-biased Observation . A Case Study in the Contamination of Observation by Theory  or :  The Case of the Absent Abstention


Track 5 :  John L. LUCAS (Merton College Oxford)  :   Intimations of Reality



Track 6 :  Elie ZAHAR (LSE) :  Realism in Mathematics and in Physics



Track 7 : Paul TELLER (Princeton) : Is All Else always equal ? Reconsidering Ceteris Paribus Clauses




Track 8: Harvey BROWN


June 21st 1997

Track 8 :  Simon SAUNDERS  (Harvard and Oxford)  :  The “Beables” of Relativistic Pilot-Wave Theory



Track 9 : Gordon FLEMING  :  Realistic Relativistic Localisations.



Track 10 : Bob CLIFTON (University of Western Ontario) :  Beables in Algebraic Quantum Theory


Track 11 :  STEVEN French (Leeds) :  Models and Mathematics in Physics : The Role of Group Theory.



Other entries for June 1997 to be added.