December 1989

Friday 1st December 1989  :  Oxford Mathematical Institute : Mathematical Logic Seminar : 4:30 pm

Prof H.G. DALES (Leeds) : Totally ordered fields with additional structure


5th December 1989  :  2:15 pm  :  London School of Economics ( Graham Wallas Room )  :  LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method  Departmental Seminar

Dr Mary MORGAN (LSE : Department of Economic History)

Correspondence Problems in the History of Econometrics


6th December 1989 :  Queen Mary and Westfield College University of London : 4:30pm

Physics Lecture Theatre ( replacing usual venue of Room 103 Mathematics Building ) 

The London Relativity Seminar


Scattering of Solitons in 2 and 3 Dimensions


7th December 1989 :  Cambridge University Department of History and Philosophy of Science Departmental Seminar 4:30 pm  Seminar Room 2 Free School Lane

Alexander BIRD : Mathematics and the Transition from Wittgenstein’s Earlier to later Philosophy.


13th December 1989 :  Queen Mary and Westfield College University of London : ( Room 103 Mathematics Building )  4:30 pm

The London Relativity Seminar

Adrian BURD (QMWC) : Chaos in Cosmology : Now you see it, Now you don’t


December 14th – 16th 1989

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.


A Conference on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics to celebrate 30 Years of The Aharanov-Bohm effect

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Includes :  Talks by

Yakir AHARONOV : On Quantum Effects without A Classical Analogue

David ALBERT  :  Physics and Volition

Jeeva ANANDAN : The Electromagnetic Interaction of A Dipole and the Aharonov-Casher Duality

Michael BERRY : Wave Geometry : A Plurality of Singularities

David BOHM : The Possibility of A New Space-Time Displacement Gauge in Gravitational Theory.

Stanley DESER : The Aharanov-Bohm Effect and The Mass of the Photon

Murray GELL-MANN :  (Check Title of Talk)

Steve GIDDINGS : The AB Effect for Black Holes and Strings

James HARTLE : Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics

Yosef IMRY : Inteference Phenomena in Microscopic systems and their Dephasing

Yuval NEEMAN : Closing in on A Renormlizable Local Quantum Field Theory of Gravity

Jeoffrey OPAT : Observation of the Topological Aharanov-Casher Phase in Neuton Inteferometry

Alex PINES : Non-Abelian Holonomy in NMR Interferometry

Abner SHIMONY : Recent Optical Experimenst and their Significance for Quantum Mechanics

Leo STODOLSKY : Quantum damping

George SUDARSHAN : Exotic Statistics.

Lenny SUSSKIND : The AB Effect without Gauge Fields : A Paradox

Gerard T’HOOFT : Fundamental Aspects of Quantum Theory and The Problem of Quantizing Black Holes.

Akira TONOMURA : Experimental Confirmation of the AB Effect by Electron Holography

Richard WEBB : The AB Effect in Electrical devices

Frank WILCZEK : The AB Effect in a Non-Abelian Context

Anthony ZEE : Fractional Statistics and Superconductivity

Wojciech ZUREK : Quantum and Classical Systems and the Environment