1989 Recordings

A short preliminary selection of some of the material recorded in 1989



Continuing  periodic (frequent and regular) recordings of following Seminar Series

Several Seminar Series at Oxford Mathematical Institute, including Seminars in General Relativity, QFT, Topology and Logic

Department of History and Philosophy of Science Cambridge Seminars

Sigma-Club Seminars on Foundational Topics in The Philosophy of Mathematics and Physics : in Oxford, Cambridge, London and Leeds

 BSPS (British Society for the Philosophy of Science) Events.

Full records of the above Seminar Series and details of other occasional Seminars recorded in 1989 in various locations to be added

Many other individual seminars recorded at various locations.



Details of  Courses recorded in 1989  to be added


Special Events.  interviews and discussions.

Details of recordings or contemporaneous notes/aides-memoires of these to be added



See also listings within Monthly Pages for 1989


February 14th – 16th 1989  : 

Transcendental Philosophy in  An Analytic Perspective : An International Conference at The University of Berne Switzerland organised by the Swiss National Academy

With Talks by W.V.O. Quine  and other leading philosophers

Further details to be added. See Monthly page for February 1989 

June 20th – 27th 1989 Cambridge England

An International Workshop and a series of Invited Lectures held under the auspices of the Sigma Club and the chairmanship of Prof. Michael Redhead  in the Old Cavendish Laboratory and at Wolfson College Cambridge

A Series of  4 Invited Lectures by Prof. F.W. Lawvere (SUNY Buffalo) 

For titles and further details see monthly pages for June 1989 

followed by an International Workshop at Wolfson College Cambridge “Categories in the Foundations of Mathematics and in the Study of Language and Cognition”  with contributions from Professor Lawvere, John Mayberry,  AndersKock,  Gonzalo Reyes,  John L. Bell, Colin McLarty, David Ellerman , David Holdsworth, Jon Dorling and others.

Total of 27 recordings


July 1989 : BANGOR,  Wales  :  CT 1989 : International Category Theory Meeting 1989

With Talks and contributions to discussions by Profs.  Saunders Mac Lane, F.W. Lawvere,  Peter Freyd, Max Kelley,  Peter Johnstone,  Martin Hyland,  Anders Kock,  G. Janelidze,  F.E.J. Linton and many others

Details of speakers and Talks to be added     

25 recordings


Full details of  the above and of all other Conferences/Colloquia/Symposia recorded in 1989 to be added.

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