1975 Recordings


A short preliminary selection of some of the material recorded in 1975



Continuing  periodic (frequent and regular) recordings of following Seminar Series

General Relativity Seminar at Oxford plus Meetings of The Twistor Theory Research Group

General Relativity and Cosmology Seminar at DAMTP Cambridge

Oxford University SubFaculty of |Philosophy Seminars

A Series of  Seminars : On Theories of Meaning and Truth held at All Souls College Oxford conducted by Profs. Michael Dummett and the late Donald Davidson and including contributions from several leading Oxford Philosophers, including the late Gareth Evans. Series continuing into 1976

Chelsea College London Weekly Departmental Seminar in History and Philosophy of Science

(Some)  Meetings of BSPS (British Society for the Philosophy of Science)



Lecture Courses on Differential Geometry and General Relativity at Kings College London, including those of

Prof. Felix Pirani, Prof. David Robinson and Prof PCW Davies

Logic Courses by Prof J.L. Bell and Moshe Machover at LSE

Lecture Course on Operator Algebras and Measure Theory for Quantum Mechanics up to the Radon-Nikodyn Theorem by Dr Christopher ISHAM at Kings College London

Philosophy Courses at Bedford College with Prof David Wiggins (Philosophical Semantics) and Dr Hans Kamp (Modal Logic) 



June 1975  Santa Margharita Ligure Italy

International Summer School and Colloquium on Formal Methods in the Philosophy of Science

Included lecture Courses and Talks by  Prof. Joseph SNEED (Treatment of Theories as Ramsey Predicates) Prof.

Prof. Wolfgang STEGMULLER : Model Theoretic Perspectives on the Structure of Scientific Theories and associated Metalogical issues

Prof Patrick SUPPES on Model Theory for Scientific Theories : 1st or 2nd order ?

Prof. Richard Wocyzynski (Warsaw) The Logic of Empirical Theories.

Plus Talks by Prof. Maria Luisa dalla Chiara (University of Florence) and others. 

21 Recordings


September 1975

Oxford Cosmology Conference  ( 13 recordings )


Full details of these and other Conferences/Colloquia/Symposia recorded in 1975 to be added