1973 Recordings

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1973 Recordings include

Lecture Courses by Alexandre GROTHENDIECK

3 Lecture Courses on respectively

1. Algebraic Geometry

2. The Theory of Algebraic Groups

3. Topos Theory

The copyright of all these recordings is that of the Department of Mathematics of  SUNY at Buffalo to whose representatives, in particular Professors Emeritus Jack DUSKIN and Bill LAWVERE exceptional thanks are due both for the preservation and transmission of this historic archive,  the only substantial archive of recordings of courses given by one of the greatest mathematicians of all time,  whose work and ideas exercised arguably the most profound influence of any individual figure in shaping the mathematics of the second half od the 20th Century. The material which it is proposed to make available here, with their agreement, will form a mirror site to the principal site entitled “Grothendieck at Buffalo” (url :                                                   )

Further 1973 recordings

Conference on Philosophical Logic and Philosophy of Language at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor in October 1973 with Contributions from the late Gareth Evans, Christopher Peacocke, Michael Dummett, Crispin Wright, Neil Tennant, David Wiggins and other leading British Philosophers.

1973-74  Oxford Seminar on “Frege : Philosophy of Language” : A Reading  Group and Seminar on the very influential book by Michael Dummett on its publication :  with discussions both of individual chapters in the book and general discussion both of Frege’s work and Dummett’s treatment of it  by leading philosophers at Oxford and pupils of Dummett, including Gareth Evans, Crispin Wright and others. With the participation of Michael Dummett himself in some sessions.

From October 1973 :  Chelsea College Weekly Departmental Seminars in History and Philosophy of Science under Professor Heinz Post.  A continuing series of recordings made over the following years from this date until the seminar ceased to meet with the absorption of the Chelsea HPS Department in the reorganisation  of History and Philosophy of Science in the University of London in the 1980s.  Around 60 – 65 % of the total of  the wekly Chelsea HPS Seminars over this period were recorded. Regular participants during this period (not all from the beginning) included the late Heinz Post,  Michael Redhead,  Donald Gillies, Moshe Machover,  John L. Bell,  Jon Dorling,  Harvey Brown,  Simon Saunders, Steve French.

General Relativity Seminars at Maths Institute, Oxford from 1973 (directed by Roger Penrose and including Seminars of the Research Group on Twistor Theory (list of main participants to be added)  Continued in subsequent years (to mid 1980s)

Seminars at DAMTP Cambridge, especially those in General Relativity and Cosmology, with Stephen Hawking and colleagues and research students. Continued in subsequent years (to mid 1980s)

Courses in General Relativity at Kings College London given by Felix Pirani, PCW Davies, David Robinson and others

Course in Logic (Model Theory) given by Prof. Wilfrid Hodges  at  Bedford College London

Occasional recordings of Philosophy Seminar at Bedford College London (Prof. David Wiggins and colleagues)

Occasional recordings of  Departmental Seminar at LSE Department of Logic, Philosophy and Scientific Method (Prof. Imre Lakatos’ Seminar) Unfortunately by October 1973 Prof. Lakatos was already severely ill (he died in February 1974) and in most meetings of the Seminar at this period, Prof. JWN Watkins deputised for him. Only one or two of the recordings contain contributions by Prof. Lakatos.

Recordings of some Events in Timetable of BSPS  ( British Society for the Philosophy of Science )