Relativity, Gravitation and Spacetime Structure

The Section of Recordings on General Relativity,  Cosmology and Relativistic Astrophysics, Quantum Gravity and related topics is proportionately the largest in the Archive. Material has been recorded steadily ever since the inception of the Archive in 1973, and some very important material dating  earlier than that has  also come into the Archive in recent years. It will take some time to devise and implement a layout for this large proportion of the Archive permitting the most effective  presentation of this great mass of material by sub-topics. For the time being, a bare chronology of the material is presented here, and the initial listing is only of recordings made since 1st January 2005. Each brief entry by date permits the reader to consult the more detailed entres in the main Annual Chronology of the Archive.

Our eventual aim is to provide a complete index to all this material by speaker and topic

The code after each entry indicates the specific sub-area to which the recordings relate, as follows

(There are naturally some overlaps in the assignment  and further sections may be added)

GR (CR)  : General Relativity  (Current Research)

GR (Hist) : Historical Studies of GR

SR : Special Relativity

Cosmol : Cosmology and Relativistic Astrophysics

Astron : Astronomical Studies not include in the above

QG : Research on Quantum Gravity