Recordings on Category Theory, Topos Theory and related topics

This is the second largest subdivision of Recordings by Subject Area  within the Archive  

It has been built up largely since the Cambridge Workshop of June 1989 with Pofessor FW Lawvere and Colleagues, which was jointly sponsored by The Archive Director and the Sigma Club.; although some material of historical importance for the development of Topos Theory in particular (eg parts of Professor Peter Johnston’s 1976-77  Cambridge Lecture Courses) were recorded earlier.

This Section of the Catalogue of the Archive when complete, will organise a very large amount of material devoted to Category Theory and Topos Theory : both recordings (now runing into the thousands) and supporting documentation of various forms relating to the following broad areas (within which will appear further subdivisions)

i) Recent and current research in the field,  as presented and discussed at many Conferences, Colloquia Workshops Research Seminars and other forums since around 1989

ii)  Material relating to the History and broad development of Category Theory and Topos Theory,  both primary and secondary source material, including several extended interviews and panel discussions with the founders, some of them specially commissioned and arranged by the Archive.

iii) Discussions of a broadly conceptual but mathematically informed nature relating to the significance of Category Theory and Topos Theory for the overall conceptual organisation of mathematics and for debate on the foundations of mathematics.  As with section ii),  these recordings include many extended discussions with the founders and leading figures in the subject.

iv)  Spanning/Overlapping all three of the above broad divisions is a collection of recordings and much associated documentation dealing with the Work of Professor FW Lawvere :  Both Lectures and Seminars by and Interviews and Panel Discussions with Prof. Lawvere himself and contemporaneous notes/memoranda of discussions made in the absence of recordings; and secondary material containing discussion of his work by others. This  will form a separate Section within this part of the catalogue. 

What follows,  pending the more detailed organisation of the material on the lines above,  is a bare chronology extending back to 1989, enabling the reader to refer to the fuller entries in the main annual Chronology of Recordings, and identifying the broad sub-divisions above to which the individual entries relate (there is some overlap in this assignment)