Activities and Aims

Current Activities and Aims of the Archive

a) To continue recording new material anywhere in the world where permission is given and arrangements can be made – especially whenever it documents discussions and developments of broadly foundational interest, and particularly when for whatever reason there is unlikely to be any other record of these or only an incomplete or delayed one.

b) To conserve the existing recordings and written records, and make copies available to researchers, pending the time the whole archive can be put online.

c) To discover important previously unknown or uncirculated recordings and other material relevant to the exact sciences and their history and philosophy, and to conserve it through digitalisation, and making it available on line whenever copyright permits.

d) To complete the Catalogue of the Archive and place it online.

e) To make an initial selection of the most important recordings available online, with the aim of generating interest in the Archive and attracting support for the Project of digitalising the entire Archive and making it available online.  For more details see the Section “Project” above

f) To continue, as funding permits,  the Programme of Conferences, Workshops and Interviews/Rencontres which the Archive has sponsored over the last 20 years.